Embodied Self Mastery
Embodied Self Mastery
Eva Beronius

We're creating a place for humans to become embodied Artists of their lives

Join us for connections, conversations, practices and programs.

About Us

A place to uncover the greatest work of art - your true embodied self

The Embodied Self Mastery Community is a home for conversations, practices, and programs dedicated to deep inner work and a life from embodied integrity.
In here, you find everything from longer courses and shorter workshops for your healing and inner growth to connections between like-minded people and conversations about embodied living.

Does This Resonate? Come Join Us!

Take the journey from Victim to Artist of your life, while shedding old conditioning, healing emotional wounds, and shifting your unconscious beliefs.
As the Hunter, you need skills of awareness and attention. As the Dreamer, you'll experience a reality outside of the old program and beyond the mind. As the Artist, you express your art through your BEING. 

Our alchemical process shifts you out of identification with your mind and deepens your inner work - out of your head and trying to figure it out, into your body and a felt sense of BEING YOU. So you can live a heart-centered life of wholeness, turn on, and integrity.
Your sense of self,  your relationships, and your experience of life will shift. From a fear-based belief system to your full, loving potential.

Connect with others on a similar journey and practice being part of a non-judgmental, loving, and inspiring community. Whether you're just getting started or are deep into your own work, there's a place for you here.